How Video Games Are Transforming Education



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When you think of playing video games, chances are the first image that springs to mind are not the classroom or education. You might even think that playing games has a negative impact on a child’s learning process – however, here at Eduplaytion, we are here to transform those perceptions and help parents and teachers unlock a whole new world of education.

The Benefits of Video Games

Whilst there can be no denying that children should not spend their entire time in front of a computer screen, research has shown that including video games as part of a wider curriculum can have a number of benefits on a student’s ability. A study in 2014 revealed that 80% of students believe they would be more productive if learning was game-based, whilst 70% of teachers noticed an increase in student engagement when they were using educational video games.
There are a number of additional benefits to using online games as part of the educational curriculum too. Some of the biggest include:
#1 – Improved memory
Most educational video games require some form of visual and audial memory utilization. This means that regularly playing a game will see the student need to read, listen, or remember instructions to complete the game – improving both their short-term and long-term memory.
#2 – Boosts hand-eye coordination
Using a computer and playing games has been proven to raise hand-eye coordination in young students as they are required to focus on what is happening on the screen, whilst simultaneously using a keypad or controller. This is a particularly useful skill for life in general but it also helps them become computer literate; a vital skill to have in this digital, technology-led world.
#3 – Improves strategic thinking and logic
Video games often require fast thinking, using logic to anticipate moves and solve problems. Regularly playing games helps to build these key skills in the students, improving their accuracy and giving them the ability to think strategically.
#4 – Skill building
In addition to developing logical thinking, video games are also able to help students build a number of key skills. Many video games require participants to regularly read instructions on screen or to follow maps of some kind whilst others need students to manage finances or practical thinking. Playing these games in addition to regular book-based learning can transform a student’s overall ability.
#5 – Helps student’s with attention-based disorders
At some point, classroom-led studies will see every student struggle to stay focused. For students with attention-based disorders, this becomes a far more frequent occurrence. Research has shown that using educational video games can help these children to stay more focused on the task at hand.

Kick-start the educational revolution!

Educational games could bring an exciting and new alternative to help parents and teachers unlock a whole new world of education.
Incorporating educational video games into the curriculum in a truly practical and beneficial way can bring enjoyment and functionality, which can transform the learning process.
The students often are far more willing to try new things and explore their potential through video games, which they view as a low-risk environment. Educational games are encouraging students to use their imaginations and unlock new possibilities in a fun, engaging, and safe way.

The New Way To Learn Math

One of the most challenging subjects for students is often math. Math is difficult for parents to explain and for students to understand. Game-based learning solutions can help make both teaching and learning math easy and fun. Math games can be an effective way for students to enter the abstract word of numbers and digits.
Although the advantages of using math game-based learning solutions are becoming increasingly clear, there are still very few options on the market for teachers and parents to choose from that manage to capture student’s attention over time. This has created a need for a robust solution that takes math game-based learning to a whole new level.
Numetry the Math Game is a new educational portal that has been specifically designed for students between the ages of nine and twelve. Numetry was developed in close collaboration with twelve schools across Norway and South America. The game uses a truly immersive environment to capture student´s attention, whilst simultaneously teaching them new skills.
Teachers and parents are able to track the children’s development through the syllabus in real-time; allowing them to stay on top of their academic progress and provide additional support as needed.
So, if you are struggling to keep your child motivated or you want to help them learn math in an engaging new way, Numetry is one of the best solutions for you. If you would like to find out more, drop us an email on [email protected] or connect with us on Facebook.
We are planning on launching the game in August 2020, but in the meantime, you can learn more about our mission and how we created the game on our blog and over on our YouTube channel.

«Numetry er på et helt annet nivå enn konkurrentene når det gjelder spillopplevelsen. Tegningene, lydene og det visuelle i oppgavene er gjennomført gode. Guttungen har lyst til å løse utfordringene for å se hva som skjer videre i fortellingen.»
«Som mor er jeg veldig opptatt av at slike spill må være pedagogiske og morsomme nok til at barna faktisk vil bruke dem. Her får jeg begge deler.»
«Som forelder opplever jeg at andre læringsspill ofte er trauste og ganske kjedelige. Dette spillet har jeg mer tro på fordi det engasjerer og ikke føles som skolearbeid for barna.»